Take Advantage of Ford Expedition Technology

The Ford Expedition is the vehicle of choice among families and organizations for the abundance of interior space. However, the models introduced for 2019 boast a variety of technological features that enhance the entertainment value while making the drive easier for the driver. Explore all of the features on the latest Expedition models by visiting your Tarpon Springs, FL Karl Flammer Ford Inc. Take the family for a short test drive.

Enjoy the sound system and the concert-quality sound that emits from the 12 speakers, which are strategically positioned throughout the SUV. Rear seat passengers when watching their favorite movies and videos thanks to the screens mounted on the rear side of the front seat headrests.

Ford helps drivers remain alert while on the road via different assist systems. The blind spot alert technology warns should a driver attempt to turn into a different lane while a vehicle remains hidden in your blind spot.

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