In the past, Tarpon Springs, FL Ford Mustang shoppers wouldn't have had the same level of transmission choices at Karl Flammer Ford that they do now. Advanced technology makes it harder than ever before to decide between a manual or automatic transmission.

The six-speed manual transmission feels just right to many Mustang drivers. After all, the point of driving this car is to be engaged. Six speeds ensure better ratios, capturing acceleration rates quicker and ensuring deceleration is easily managed. First gear is particularly aggressive, speeding up the 0-60 mph sprint.

A remarkable ten-speed automatic transmission really pushes the Mustang ahead of the competition. Ten speeds improve low revs where extra torque is needed. The system offers extra gears at high revs to capitalize on speed and velocity. Drivers who crave a hands-on approach will feel in charge with a transmission that can keep up with their demands.

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