Advanced Driving Technology in the Ford Edge

Safety technology is a must-have in any modern vehicle. Ford is offering a number of great high-tech safety features in the new Edge. The Ford Edge is a popular mid-sized SUV that's available at Karl Flammer Ford Inc. Drivers in Tarpon Springs can get the SUV with an innovative cruise control system.

The Adaptive Cruise Control feature utilizes an advanced sensor that's positioned inside the cabin. The sensor faces the road ahead and keeps track of your surroundings. It's sensitive enough to detect other drivers. In addition to setting your desired speed, the cruise control system allows you to designate how far away you want to stay from the driver ahead of you.

The system will automatically make changes based on traffic conditions. If traffic slows down, your car will follow. Traffic can even come to a complete stop. The Ford Edge will act accordingly and bring you back up to speed once things start moving again.

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