What Are the Performance Features of the Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus is a popular compact car that we find fun to drive. There are several models of the Ford Focus, including the ST, electric and limited-edition RS. To know the difference between the models, our professionals at Karl Flammer Ford Inc. in Tarpon Springs, FL can help. Two of the top performance features of the Ford Focus are AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control with Anti-Lock Brake System and electric power-assisted steering.

The AdvanceTrac EBS with ABS helps improve handling of the compact car. It automatically applies the anti-lock brake and adjusts engine power as necessary through changing road conditions and driver responses. Electric power-assisted steering improves responsiveness and control of steering. You'll find the Ford Focus has precise responses and good maneuverability both at high and low speeds. The vehicle has good grip while you accelerate, even on uneven surfaces.

With excellent performance features like AdvanceTrac EBS with Anti-Lock Brake System and electric power-assisted steering, the Ford Focus is fun to drive. You can turn smoothly regardless of road conditions.

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