Smart Towing Features in the Ford F-150

Towing a large trailer has never been easier thanks to the features in the new Ford F-150. This popular full-size pickup truck is available with some smart upgrades that are designed to make towing as easy as possible.

The F-150 is available at Karl Flammer Ford Inc. with a Dynamic Hitch Assist feature. Instead of guessing where your trailer hitch receiver is, this system will guide you in the right direction. A backup camera gives you a clear view of what's behind the truck. To make things clearer, the system will also produce a line-of-sight guide that helps you connect your trailer on the first try.

Drivers in Tarpon Springs, FL will love the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system. Once the trailer is connected, this feature will synchronize the brakes on the truck to the brakes of the trailer whenever you're in reverse. This makes it much easier to back up without having to second-guess where the trailer is going to turn.

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