During a long journey, a reliable source of transportation with practical features provides the best advantages on the road. If you need an automobile that's fast, powerful, dependable, and efficient, the Ford Edge is worth considering.

To reach destinations safely while traveling on extended roads, you must operate a vehicle at a reasonable speed without closely trailing other drivers. In most cases, this process can be a challenge if foot fatigue occurs. Cruise control is the solution to this problem since it gives the driver an opportunity to release the gas pedal. The Edge's cruise control system has adaptive hardware, so it makes strategic changes based on the conditions in the surroundings. For example, if other drivers slow down, the Edge will lower its speed as well while adaptive cruise control is activated. This feature is managed by Ford's Stop-and-Go technology.

Ford Edges are available for a quick test drive at Karl Flammer Ford. We arrange cruises for consumers on roads in Tarpon Springs, FL.

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